How to Set Gom Player as Default

How to Set Gom Player as Default

All you’re already acquainted with GOM Player. The multimedia utility is one of the best media players available on the marketplace. It encourage almost all audio and video file formats to make your multimedia experience seamless and fun. The program is a good way to play your favorite media files regardless of what format they belong to. Given the simplicity of use and
prolonged support for a variety of input and output, it’s not surprising that many of you would wish to set GOM Media Player as your default video player.

If this is the case with you, then you’ve arrived at the right post. Here we will cover the whole measures to place GOM Media Player as the default video player in particulars. What’s more? We’ve covered three distinct ways to achieve that. So you may pick the choice of your taste and set GOM Media Player as the default video player after our easy guide. If you like ot play your videos along with the dialogues, you can even choose to add subtitles to GOM. We’ll discuss it in our next post. Let’s begin.

Best ways to set GOM Media Player as your default video player

To set GOM Media Player as your default video player with this choice, all you need to do is simply,

  • Open Preferences window (Press F5)
  • Select Others from the list on the left
  •  You will be directed to File Types tab at the Others segment
  • Now, you can choose the file types of your preference you want to connect using GOM Player
  • If you want all file types to be associated with the player, click on Select All button

Note: Doing this will make each relevant file type open with GOM Media Player by default.

In case you’ve got a system running Windows Vista, you will not be able place GOM Media Player as your default video player. This is due to the simple fact that linking files via GOM Media Player interface won’t magnify the top priority standing already given to Windows Media Player by the registry. Do not worry, Windows Vista users may choose the next option to achieve that.

Method 2: Associate files manually via Windows Explorer

Though the particulars of the approach varies slightly for different Windows versions (including Windows XP/ Vista/ 7), the basic strategy of premise is same for all of these. Here we have taken into consideration particulars for Windows 7. Here you go,

  • Search the document you want to open with GOM Media player
  • Click on it to bring the popup menu
  • Mouse-over that the Open with choice in the list
  • Select Select default program
  • You will see a window revealing a Group of Recommended Programs in the top along with Other Programs under it.
  • Click GOM Player (Just in case you can’t view GOM Player in the options, click on . .)
  • Navigate to”GOM.exe” manually
  • Eventually, check the box near “Always use the selected program to open this Sort of document”
  • Click OKzzzzzzzzzz

From now, every file in the same format will automatically open with GOM Media Player.

Method 3: Using Control Panel

If You’re running Windows 7 on your system, You Only Need to,

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click Default Programs
  • Pick from the options to “Set your default programs” to alter the GOM Media Player settings or you can choose “Associate a file
    type or protocol using an app” to change settings for individual file kinds. The former one is much easier to follow and
  • Out Of Set Default Programs, select GOM Player in the list
  • Click set this app as default option
  • If You Choose Pick scales for this program, You’re allowed to select the files you need GOM Player to perform separately
  • Once done, click OK

And you are done. So this is a roundup of all three methods to put GOM Media player as your default video player. It is possible to select the one you find more comfortable and easier to follow.

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