Why Invest With EarnOpen

Why Invest With Us

EarnOpen offers you the opportunity to invest through a managed Forex account that offers total control, security, and transparency. This system is an exciting alternative to traditional investments, that will appeal to those who want to explore the world of Forex trading but cannot commit the time needed to successfully handle their own account. This system is designed to deliver the security you want by allowing you to keep control over your funds while allowing our investment managers to use their expertise and make you money on your investment.

The Difference Between Traditional Fund Accounts & EarnOpen

Traditional investment funds are held by and accessible to a fund manager, which comes with its associated risks. EarnOpen – >Forex managed accounts allow you to maintain greater control so that you can feel assured that your funds are secure. They provide you with the information and the latest performance reports to facilitate conducting careful due diligence prior to depositing your funds.

With EarnOpen, your investment is only accessible to you. Your trading manager will be authorized to make trades on your investment, but will never have direct access to your funds – you are the official account holder and as such, you alone can access and withdraw funds at any time.

Complete Transparency For Total Confidence

EarnOpen – Performs all trades through the established industry standard trading platform, MT4/MT5. You can monitor live trades in real-time through the “Back Office”, allowing you to review live trading progress, account balance, equity, trading history and much more 24/7.

EarnOpen – Offers the winning combination of investment and safety features for all clients investing in our Managed Forex accounts (MAM) with us. We are here for one purpose, that is to produce consistent returns!

Invest with peace of mind

With the EarnOpen, you can become at ease with your investments. Your investment is made in a disciplined manner and actively monitored by an investment team, you can settle back and relax in the knowledge that your investment is professionally managed.

Adequate Reserve Fund

We take very seriously our responsibility and maintain an adequate reserve fund at various market conditions to ensure that our investors receive an attractive return without any risks.

Referral Incentive Program

With our referral incentive program, you can easily earn a nice and steady income on referrals.

Low minimum investment

We make it easy to get started with as little €1000 for some small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities.

Security and safe

We have taken several crucial measures to ensure the security of your financial transaction.